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JIA are a bespoke vehicle manufacturer, widely recognised for our Jensen Interceptor R

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Jensen International Automotive.

JIA are a bespoke vehicle manufacturer, widely recognised for our Jensen Interceptor R and, more recently, for the Chieftain.

Our objective is to blend the pleasure of driving a truly beautiful classic car with the reliability of a modern car and the performance of a modern supercar. All our cars are based on original classic car icons, thoroughly re-engineered and renewed to deliver that “new car” feel whilst remaining faithful to the essence of the original model.

We are also able to apply our rigorous standards to restorations of original Jensens and we do offer substantial upgrade packages for customers who may already own a good original car.

The ultimate incarnation of the classic Jensen Interceptor

Interceptor R Supercharged

JIA’s signature Interceptor, a fully bespoke build to your specification featuring top quality paint finishes, finest Scottish leather throughout and Wilton carpets.

Attention to detail is paramount and the classic Interceptor cabin is enhanced with luxurious quilting, modern ICE, electric seats and even heated windscreen for fast defrosting.

Mechanical improvements include the installation of bespoke re-engineered suspension, ABS brakes and steering for vastly superior handling, comfort and safety and culminate with the installation of an all new aluminium 6.2 litre Supercharged V8 delivering 560 bhp via an intelligent 6 speed automatic transmission with traction control to provide both spectacular performance, relaxed high speed cruising and modern levels of reliability.

01. A fully rebuilt Interceptor painstakingly restored

Restored from the ground up, no part is left untouched.
Bespoke interior and exterior parts set the “R” apart from other Interceptors but only hint at the extraordinary level of re-engineering which lie beneath

02. Modernised and fully updated

Fully updated mechanicals, modern electrics, bespoke trim and paint, whether rear wheel drive or based around the iconic FF for AWD, the Interceptor R Supercharged blends classic looks with supercar performance and a level of comfort never achieved in an original Jensen.

03. The ultimate Interceptor

A car hand crafted to your specification, that will not just surprise and delight but will positively command respect and appreciation. Reliable enough to use every day, rare enough to stand out but also a car which brings out the best in other road users, each journey in the Interceptor R is a pleasure to savour in every way.

Interceptor S

The Original Modernised Interceptor.

01. Your own car or supplied with our help

Starting with a good original car, either your own or supplied with our help, the Interceptor S retains the existing trim, paint and accessories but shares the highly successful suspension.

02. Independent suspension, uprated brakes, manual or auto

Utilising the same suspension upgrades as on the R Supercharged married to the 430bhp normally aspirated version of the 6.2 litre V8 driving through either 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmission.

03. Performance, safety and reliability

Performance, safety and reliability are dramatically improved whilst still retaining the value and charm of the original or previously restored car. Passion in our build comes for free.

Restoration at its finest

Interceptor Restoration

Interceptor R quality restoration services for standard Interceptor. We deliver a truly great restoration on an Interceptor.

Few restorers fully understand…

the work involved

With our experience in delivering the “R”, JIA are pleased to offer full restorations of standard Interceptors so owners can share the quality of our work and service whilst retaining the original Jensen architecture.

Expertise in…

reserved upgrades

Our expertise means we can offer some more reserved upgrades to enhance the original car such as 4 speed transmission for improved efficiency and better cruising, improved braking, cooling etc etc.

The Ultimate Modernised Classic Range Rover

Range Rover Chieftain

JIA have drawn on our years of expertise in upgrading iconic British classics to evolve the classic Range Rover into something far beyond it’s original design brief.

Following the development of the original VELAR badged prototypes, complete with rubber floor mats and world-class off-road capability, there can be no doubt that the SUV genre has broadened it’s fan-base and, leading the charge pretty much all the way, has been that most British of vehicles, the Range Rover.

In the early 1970s…

right from the outset

In the early 1970s the Range Rover quickly became an object of desire and status and Land Rover continued to develop the model through evolution not revolution, as only a British manufacturer of the time could, until finally, in the mid ’90s, it was acknowledged that no more could be done to keep the elderly design at the front of the pack.

good examples can now command…

serious sums from collectors

Until only recently the Classic Range Rover population was decimated through low values and rough off road treatment, not to mention rampant rust hidden behind those now-elegant looking aluminium panels. As is always the case scarcity and the passage of time have conspired to reverse the fortunes of the now “Classic” Range Rover.

However, the “Classic” Range Rover…

needs care and attention

They still drive much as they did in the 1970s and the venerable Buick derived Rover engine has a host of known issues which keeps the modern day owner watching the gauges with great care.

Swept away and…

overhaul of the interior

Inside, decades of low budget attempts to hide the utilitarian basis of the Range Rover have been swept away in a root and branch overhaul of the interior.

Much as we have done with the Interceptor the feel of the original design has been carefully retained but materials are luxurious throughout and mod cons like in built sat nav sit comfortably alongside bespoke switchgear such as would grace any modern yacht or supercar.

Modernised chassis…

independent air suspension

With modernised chassis design featuring all independent air suspension, the legendary 560bhp LSA engine from GM and 6 speed transmission (as used in the Interceptor R) allied to a bulletproof GM transfer box (as used in the Jensen FF-R) JIA have transformed the driving experience whilst retaining the off-road capability if required.

The beginning…

it’s time for a brand new era

It’s now the beginning of a new era for the classic Range Rover, like the Jensen Interceptor an icon of it’s time which, in standard form disappoints the modern driver but when re-engineered to this degree is elevated to supercar status whilst still keeping it’s cool….Just a little bit understated but devastatingly effective on the road!