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The Jensen Interceptor R is a car for discerning individuals who wish to own and enjoy an uncommon classic British Grand Tourer, without the traditional disadvantages associated with antiquated engineering, and who demand a vehicle which has been updated to perform well in modern conditions.

By selecting a Jensen any owner is automatically acquiring a rare vehicle. Our re-engineered and renewed cars immediately set their owners apart from the “run of the mill” restored Jensens whilst also being a subtly different choice to other exotic vehicles. As you can imagine, the highly labour intensive process of hand building your car and the relative rarity of the donor cars means that, should you decide to commission one, your Interceptor R Supercharged or Interceptor R will be a scarce commodity.


New JIA Chieftain Range Rover /6.2-litre LSA supercharged V8-Autocars news,Classy overhaul of the Range Rover Meet the Chieftain, from Banbury-based JIA: a 1993 Range Rover transposed onto a Discovery 3 chassis, restyled inside and out, and endowed with General Motors’ 6.2-litre LSA supercharged V8. That’s 556bhp, 551lb ft and 0-60mph in around 4.5sec, which is more power, more torque and more get-up-and-go than any current Range Rover, all housed in a body that’s largely as Charles Spencer King intended with his 1970 original.

Of course, that’s a huge simplification. Jensen International Automotive, to give the company its full name, has spent the past few years restoring, re-engineering and modernising 28 (and counting) Interceptors and FFs such as the Interceptor R Supercharged we sampled.

This time, it took a 2004 Discovery 3 chassis and shortened its wheelbase by 345mm to accommodate a four-door Range Rover Classic’s body frame and panels, which are affixed via custom adaptors.

GRP bumpers and side skirts embolden the exterior styling, as do chunky wheel arches to swallow the Discovery’s wider tracks, and there are bespoke, period-style 20in alloys, too. A deeply gentrified cabin – drafted by a designer of luxury yacht interiors – adds mod cons, improved ergonomics and the hides of 22 cattle. Endless wiring has been fused to integrate systems from both the donor vehicles, the engine and the six-speed GM torque converter.