55The Interceptor R Supercharged is the most highly developed of our Interceptor variants. Sharing the same bespoke handbuilt quality and engineering upgrades of all of our cars it provides the additional benefit of forced induction for convincingly superior performance. Whilst it is tractable and easy to drive in normal traffic conditions, should the driver wish to make good progress (where conditions allow) the power available in the Interceptor R Supercharged is immensely satisfying.  As part of the Supercharged technical specification we equip the vehicle with advanced traction control and wider wheels & tyres for optimum safety and performance, whilst inside JIA’s bespoke dashboard permits upgraded Climate Control, switchgear, wipers, electric seats & mirrors and a distinctive style, redolent of the original Touring design, which really sets the R Supercharged apart from other Interceptors.


It is uncommon to encounter a vehicle of this nature which is capable of delivering quite such a memorable and addictive experience for the driver, to experience this for yourself please contact us.