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Events already planned for this year are the imminent London Classic Car Show at Excel in February and The Elite London to be held this year at Wycombe in mid May. We look forward to meeting you there!



The fabulous Chieftain is currently with a very well known automotive journalist, we await news as to when an article might appear.



T Charge: for Jensen Interceptor R clients looking to drive in and out of London, good news, whilst there is no change to the Congestion Charge requirement, under current rules it is our understanding that all vehicles older than 40 years are exempt from the T Charge.

MoT exemption: from May next year the government is looking set to implement MoT exemption for original, unmodified classic cars 40 years old and older, this will apparently be based on owners self certifying their cars as VHI’s (Vehicles of Historic Interest). We at JIA have always been nervous about the concept of classic cars not receiving annual testing and would in any case recommend all classic car owners to submit their cars for voluntary testing. With the modifications carried out to the Interceptor R we advise not attempting to certify them as VHI and thus the Interceptor R and S models will continue to be subject to MoT testing… of course with the level of restoration and modernisation the cars have been subject to our experience is that the cars safely exceed the required standards to pass MoT tests and with the performance available from our cars, the reassurance of having an independent inspection once a year to review tyres etc is particularly valuable .