What is it? The latest offering from Jensen International Automotive, creator of the GM ‘LS3’ V8-powered Interceptor R, a version of which we drove in our modernised classics feature at Goodwood in the summer. Unlike that car, the modernisation of which was largely outsourced, the £180,000 Interceptor R Supercharged you see here was almost […]

  “That’s us,” I mutter with gleeful, smirking and barely contained expectation, betraying an attempt at nonchalance, as a deep, rumbling bass burble disrupts the otherwise quiet mid-morning Barnet residential street, like Barry White gargling through an amplifier. Pulling back the curtain with my eyes darting between window and security monitor, the long, low-slung, slinky […]

  It has not been a good time for lovers of British icons. Everywhere we turn those things of which we have been most proud seem to be disappearing. HMS Ark Royal has sailed off into the sunset and the fabulous Harrier jump jets, a symbol of these islands’ legendary inventiveness, have gone with her. […]

  Not long ago I went to a National Lottery bash and met 200 or so past winners. Listening to their stories, I was fascinated by the first things they bought with their megabucks windfalls. It’s never what you think. One bloke won £26 million and bought a fridge and a cooker. Another bought a […]