Interceptor S Conversion

Whilst the Interceptor R caters for the bespoke full restoration and upgrade customer, we recognise that there is enormous appeal in being able to upgrade an otherwise good/excellent standard Interceptor to our ” R ” Normally Aspirated specification by renewing and modifying the entire running gear on the car.




To this end JIA have returned to the original concept for the earlier Interceptor S which entails a full mechanical conversion package (actually available in two halves if preferred) which implants our full suspension/brakes/wheels package, exhausts, fuel tank etc and of course the LS3 V8 with 430 bhp and your choice of 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmission (as opposed to the 4 speed auto in the original S).


Starting with a previously restored car which may already be in your possession or which we can assist you in purchasing, it is best to be happy with the existing body/paint, trim, electrical system etc although of course we can carry out additional work in these areas if desired. We will then strip out the all the mechanical aspects of the car, carry out the necessary modifications to the shell, restore those few components which are reused (wishbones, rack etc) and replace the rest with new and upgraded items , exactly as with the Interceptor R.


Apart from the obvious performance and handling advantages, the big benefits are to be found in reliability and useability. With the entire engine loom being changed for new along with the complete cooling system etc we can eliminate at a stroke the vast majority of the shortcomings of the original installation which, in today’s world, are no longer an acceptable consequence of Jensen motoring.

With a good number of these conversions either completed or in progress we know that this is a popular concept, if the idea is appealing to you please do get in touch.