Cars for Sale


With the fine summer weather now imminent JIA are delighted to have been instructed in the sale of the only RHD convertible Interceptor R in existence.


Original RHD convertible Interceptors are highly collectable rarities and command a premium over LHD convertibles or the more usual saloon. Having undergone a rebuild to R Normally Aspirated specification this car has been designed to retain a largely original appearance but benefiting from the performance and reliability enhancements of the JIA modernisation.


With the roof down the enhanced Interceptor R “soundtrack” is all the more enjoyable and this car is a great pleasure to drive which makes it all the more surprising that the car has covered only 4,000 miles since completion in May 2013. Despite the low mileage the car has  been maintained in a fully roadgoing condition at all times and garaged here at JIA for much of the time since it has been made available to us for PR purposes.   The condition is commensurate with this minimal use and careful storage and the colour scheme continues to be much admired for it’s elegance.

The asking price for this car is £215,000 which represents a considerable saving over the cost to build it from scratch now, assuming another appropriate RHD donor could be found.

Please contact at any time or telephone 0845 519 5265 during business hours.


As well as completed cars such as above JIA do hold a stock of interesting donor vehicles ready to receive the R treatment, a selection of these is shown below, if any of these would be of interest as part of one of our bespoke builds we would be delighted to hear from you:


Non running and unused for nearly 20 years what OUD lacks in structural solidity is more than made up for by the astounding level of originality… a true timewarp car and a fantastic base to start with, ideal for an R Normally Aspirated:

















This car on the other hand can be persuaded to run and drive, not that this has much bearing on an R build. What does help, however, is the number of new panels previously fitted which will give BOE a good start on the road to renewal, perhaps as an R Supercharged?.20170321_133654














Or for the ultimate Interceptor R experience, one last FF in stock…. there can’t be many more out there in “donor” condition like this: