About Us




The original and only authentic creator of the Interceptor R,  JIA Ltd was formed in 2010 with a majority shareholding from one of the UK’s most succesful and highly respected entrepreneurs.

Recognizing the value and competence of the original team behind the evolving Interceptor R he has gone on to support and encourage JIA in developing both the business and the products, namely the legendary Interceptor R and the awe-inspiring Range Rover “Chieftain”.

With MD David Duerden’s extensive motor racing and aeronautical engineering expertise coupled to a talented engineering team JIA Ltd create something quite exceptional in the Interceptor R and its supercharged and convertible variants.

For customers seeking the individuality of classic automotive design, the easy dependability of class leading American muscle power and the excellence of British bespoke engineering, JIA Ltd offer a discreet, attentive and inclusive service building perhaps the most versatile classic supercars available.